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Onboarding Guide for New Experts

What is SkillSpring?

SkillSpring enables real-time & prescheduled voice, screen share and video communications for businesses.

Your end user will use SkillSpring to automatically schedule appointments with you directly from the website. Their payment information will be collected during the scheduling process. Based on your hourly rate, the end user will be automatically billed per-minute for the amount of time you spend on a call. There is no charge for calls shorter than 2 minutes.

Steps to Configure Your Account:

  1. To access your account, click this link:
  2. Sign up for SkillSpring using the same email address that your SkillSpring invitation was sent to
  3. Log in and create an expert profile for yourself:
    1. Click the ‘Experts’ tab
    2. Click ‘Create Expert’ in the upper right-hand corner
    3. Fill in your name and phone number
    4. Click continue
    5. Fill in your bio, update your avatar with a headshot, and set your hourly rate
    6. Save
  4. Set your availability
    1. Click ‘Availability’ under the ‘Experts’ tab
    2. Click on the calendar and drag to create a new time slot for your availability. Click to delete.
    3. Save
  5. Configure your payment settings by connecting or creating a Stripe account. Stripe will be used to process your payments for calls:
    1. Click Experts
    2. Click Connect with Stripe next to your name
    3. Fill out the forms (or connect to an existing Stripe account)

You’re done! As long as you saved your availability, you will automatically show on the SkillSpring widget on the website and visitors will be able to schedule calls with you.

When a call is scheduled, you, the expert, and the end user will all be emailed letting you know a new call was scheduled. Reminders will also be sent out prior to the call.


Email us at

Please note there is a ‘Need Help?’ button located in the lower right-hand corner of the SkillSpring console. Here you will find additional documentation and guides for getting started.

SkillSpring takes a 15% commission on all paid phone and video calls for any call lasting longer than 2 minutes. This also covers all credit card fees.