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Open Source

LifeOmic supports a wide variety of Open Source projects.

abacAttribute Based Access Control for Lifeomic products
alphaUnified client for HTTP services
alpha-cliCurl-like CLI for the Alph
api-examplesUsage examples of the LifeOmic APIs
app-toolsCommon utilities for LifeOmic Platform app development
ashion-ingestIngestion tool to process Ashion .tar files in the LifeOmic Platform
attemptA JavaScript library that makes it easier to retry functions that return a promise
axios-fetchA WebAPI Fetch implementation backed by an Axios client
bitriseBitrise API client
chroma-reactOpen source design system from LifeOmic, built with React
chromiconsHandcrafted open source icons from LifeOmic
chromicons.comWeb app for displaying LifeOmic Chromicons
cliA CLI app that provides functionality around the LifeOmic Platform
csv-to-jsonCSV to JSON Mapping Tool
deltaTools for working with data streams in AWS Lambda
dynamodb-dataloaderA dataloader for DyanmoDB
dynogenTool for generating a type safe DynamoDB client based on JSON Schema
eslint-config-standardsESLint configurations to help enforce code standards at LifeOmic
eslint-plugin-frontendA repository containing custom ESLint rules for frontend LifeOmic projects
eslint-plugin-i18nextESLint plugin for validating i18next usage
eslint-plugin-nodeShared ESLint configuration and rules for LifeOmic projects
example-phc-appExample LifeOmic Platform app
facebook-test-usersUtilities for working with Facebook test users
fhir-petlDocker container for transforming tabular data
fhirlib-scalaFHIR serialization library
foundation-xml-cnvDocker image for converting FoundationOne XML reports into CNV
foundation-xml-fhirDocker image for converting FoundationOne XML reports into FHIR resources
foundation-xml-fnvDocker image for converting FoundationOne XML reports into FNV (fusion variation) comma delimited files
gradual-feature-toggle-toolsSet of tools to make gradual rollout of features easier
GranolaA healthy serialization library for your Apple HealthKit data
graphql-directive-retryUse this schema directive to add retry declaratively
graphql-resolvers-xray-tracingEnable X-Ray subsegment creation for GraphQL resolvers
hgvsHGVS variant name parsing and generation
jest-configShared Jest config, utils, etc.
json-schema-to-graphql-typesConvert a directory of JSON Schemas into set of GraphQL types
kms-cryptEncrypt and decrypt objects with keys from KMS
lambda-toolsCommon utilities for Lambda testing and development
logging-pyPython logging library
phc-examplesA collection of example notebooks, scripts, and other documentation for interfacing with the LifeOmic Platform
phc-notebook-toolsUseful LifeOmic Platform related tools for Jupyter notebooks
phc-sdk-goSimilar to the alpha client but for go (used mostly in terraform providers)
phc-sdk-pyThe phc-sdk-py is a developer kit for interfacing with the LifeOmic Platform API on Python 3.7 and above
rate-limiter-pyRate-limiter module which leverages DynamoDB to enforce resource limits
react-native-primPrim is a customizable TypeScript atomic styles framework for React Native
renovate-configShared Renovate config for LifeOmic projects
skillspring-lifeapps-public-client-exampleCustom UI for listing coaches and sessions
spark-vcfSpark VCF data source implementation in native spark
SparkFlowAn implementation of TensorFlow on Spark
TaskDeepLearningDeep learning tools for task service
termdiffCompare ontologies and migrate between them
termlinkPrepare an ontology and send it to the LifeOmic Platform
terraform-plan-parserCommand line utility and JavaScript API for parsing stdout from "terraform plan" and converting it to JSON
terraform-provider-appstoreTerraform provider for the app-store-service
terraform-provider-awsTerraform AWS provider
terraform-provider-marketplaceTerraform for marketplace
tipsi-stripeReact Native Stripe binding for iOS/Android platforms
tslint-no-index-signature-accessA TSLint rule to forbid access index signature references
twilio-webhook-validator-koaKoa middleware that provides Twilio request validation to Twilio webhooks
typescript-configExport the Typescript Configuration