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Enabling SkillSpring on SquareSpace

Before Getting Started

The SkillSpring web console has a page dedicated to show the many ways that the SkillSpring widget can be customized for your website. You can find these options in the left-hand navigation under Account -> Widget Settings.

The URLs and code snippets used in the examples below can all be found on that page.

Alt text

Step 1 – Add support for the SkillSpring widget

Log into SquareSpace. From the homepage,

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click Code Injection to add the SkillSpring script to the Header section. The script URL can be found on top of the Widget Guide page.

Step 2 - Add the floating widget to all pages

While in the 'Code Injection' section of SquareSpace, you can add the floating widget to all pages of your site:

  1. Scroll down to make the Footer section visible
  2. Insert the floating widget HTML from the Widget Guide for your site
  3. Save the changes

Still have questions on how to implement the SkillSpring widget on SquareSpace? Reach out to us at