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Rate Limits

The LifeOmic Platform micro-service processes over 20 million API requests a day. Reasonable API Rate Limits are in place to impose soft limits on the platform. These limits allow organizations and customers on the LifeOmic Platform to have adequate capacity and provide protection against denial of service attacks, accidental bursts, and unoptimized single/batched API calls.


The following rate limits are based upon the client's IP address:

Rate LimitDescription
Authenticated Requests20,000 requests in a 5 minute period per IP address. Most API requests are based on having valid authentication.
Unauthenticated Requests2,000 requests in a 5 minute period per IP address. API requests around login, FHIR meta data, and other unauthenticated requests.

The following additional limits are based upon the account:

Rate LimitDescription
FHIR bundle POST10 requests in a 10 second period per account.