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Environment Segregation


At LifeOmic we have two unique operating environments to support both the development and customer use of the LifeOmic Platform. From a security perspective, these two environments vary in multiple ways with an overall goal of providing the best protection possible to our customers.


Name: Development (dev)

This is where our developers build and test features. To allow developers to quickly troubleshoot and test new features we have loosened the security requirements for this implementation of the product. We do not allow ANY HIPAA defined ePHI to be processed or stored within the dev environment at any time. The development environment is not intended for day-to-day customer use.

Name: Production(prod)

This is the implementation our customers log in to and use. This platform is certified to hold sensitive HIPAA data and has a rigorous set of security controls surrounding the production ecosystem.

The following restrictions are in place for Production in contrast to Development:

  • Developers CANNOT directly access database content.
  • Developers CANNOT access resources like EC2 instances on the production network. No VPN exists to provide access.
  • Developers CANNOT perform local deploys from their laptop to the production AWS environment. Instead, a specialized change management system handles all deploys and performs an extra layer of security checks.

Additionally, Production includes enhanced monitoring, logging, and alerting to detect and respond to changes in the AWS environment.