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Data Integrations and Ingestions

The LifeOmic Platform offers the following integrations and ingestions:


The LifeOmic Platform offers its own SMART on FHIR app approved by both Cerner and Epic. The app is available in the Cerner or Epic EHR, such as Cerner Millenium. It lets you establish a trusted, API-driven relationship with the EHR account and streamlines data ingestion. You can also publish data out to these EHRs, when allowed by the EHR. For more information, see the SMART on FHIR App.

The LifeOmic Platform also offers general integration with the Cerbo and BCDA EHRs.

Wearables and Medical Devices

The LifeOmic Platform integrates with many popular wearables, including Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. We also offer existing integrations with several medical devices. BIOTRONIK, Medtronic, InBody, and Dexcom are among the integrated device manufacturers. For a current list, see the Wearables and Medical Device Integrations Overview.

Our team is experienced with adding wearable integrations and can expand the platform to meet your needs. To find out about adding a specific wearable, contact us.


The LifeOmic Platform offers sophisticated OCR capabilities for scanned documents. Documents uploaded as PDF, PNG, or JPG files convert into structured FHIR data. This allows several operations against the data, including the ability to use pre-built and custom-built OCR report extractors. Report extractors pull data from specific forms, such as a LabCorp lab report.

For a list of available OCR calls, see the OCR API Reference.


There is currently no standard approach to exchanging genomic results. You can transfer genomic test results into a folder through SFTP, Amazon S3 to S3 data transfer, or other methods, see How do I add files to the LifeOmic Platform?. Once the data is transferred, the LifeOmic Platform detects the result, matches it to a patient, and runs a genomic analysis pipeline. The data exchanged is in VCF format for quicker access, and also in the BAM format for full visualization.

The LifeOmic Platform also offers several existing genomic vendor integrations:

  • Caris Life Sciences
  • Foundation Medicine

To explore the possibility of adding new vendors, contact us.

The LifeOmic Platform offers the potential for GA4GH Genomics API support. LifeOmic is a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). To learn more about potential GA4GH Genomics API support, contact us.