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Change Management

Platform APIs will be added and changed over time. The API version in the URL path controls the expected behavior and shape of the data.

The following changes are considered to be backwards compatible:

  • Adding new API resources and endpoints.
  • Adding new properties to existing API responses.
  • Adding optional parameters to existing API request methods.

Major API changes

Deprecation and change of APIs will occur throughout the platform's lifetime. LifeOmic's goal is to communicate such changes with a deprecation notice and potential migration paths if applicable.

Platform API changes that are major changes will follow these patterns:

  • API version will be incremented and released.
  • API documentation will be updated and release notes published.
  • Communication of changes and migration paths documented.

Monitoring feature usage

The platform monitors feature usage by the User-Agent HTTP header.

To be a good API citizen, please specify a User-Agent for applications using the platform:

Example: User-Agent: [app-name] [build-id]