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Connecting Calendly & Acuity

Integrating your personal calendars with SkillSpring helps ensure you're never double-booked and you can always stay organized. Currently SkillSpring supports Calendly and Acuity integrations only, but there are more on the horizon! So, what exactly does integrating calendars do?

  • Prevent double-booking: users will not be able to schedule calls that are already booked on personal Calendly or Acuity calendars
    • Appointments from personal calendars will not show in the SkillSpring availability or calendar*. However, SkillSpring will not allow anybody to schedule a call with you that conflicts with an appointment on your personal calendar.
  • Show SkillSpring calls on personal calendar: when a SkillSpring call is scheduled, you will receive an calendar invite for your personal calendar

Here's how you can integrate your calendars with SkillSpring:

  1. Click the 'Experts' tab and open your Expert Profile
  2. Click 'Availability' on the left-hand navigation
  3. Choose 'Link Calendly Account' or 'Link Acuity Account'
  4. After selecting your calendar choice a pop-up will appear - login and allow SkillSpring access


*Because you will not see bookings from your personal calendar in the SkillSpring console you will still need to manage your availability within the SkillSpring console.

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