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DICOMweb™ is a standard specification that describes a set of RESTful APIs for exchanging information about DICOM imaging files.

For detailed documentation on the DICOMweb™ standard, please visit the DICOM Standard website.

The LifeOmic Platform provides a built-in DICOMweb™ API.

Using the LifeOmic DICOMweb™ API

Before using the DICOMweb™ API, ensure that you have provisioned at least one project in your LifeOmic Platform account.

The base URL for the DICOMweb™ API is<project_id>, where <project_id> is the unique identifier of your provisioned project.


The LifeOmic DICOMweb™ API uses the standard header-based authentication strategy for LifeOmic APIs:

  • the LifeOmic-Account header is required and must specify your LifeOmic account id
  • the Authorization header is required and must specify an access token or API key, in the format Bearer <token>


Currently, the LifeOmic DICOMweb™ API only supports the STOW-RS operation.

STOW-RS Operation

The STOW-RS endpoints can be used to ingest DICOM files into the LifeOmic platform.

Files are associated with the project specified in the server base URL.

Files will be automatically associated to an existing FHIR Patient record if these conditions are met:

  • The file has a value for the PatientID metadata tag.
  • There is an existing Patient record with an identifier that matches the file's PatientID tag.

Identifiers are matched according to the MRN configuration on the project.

If there is no matching Patient record, a new record will be created using the patient metadata in the DICOM file.