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Fetching Conversation Details

To analyze the history of conversations or a specific conversation, API requests can be used to pull data about prior conversations.

Request the details of an old conversation

After a conversation has been created, you can fetch the details of a conversation via a GraphQL conversation query like this:

query GetConversation(
$conversationId: ID!
) {
id: $conversationId
) {
id # The ID of the conversation
conversationType # Call or Video
expert {
id # The ID the expert
user # The LifeOmic user that owns the expert
startTime # The # ISO 8601 datetime of the conversation
status # Calling, Waiting, Scheduled, Failed, InProgress,
# PendingComplete, Completed, NoAnswer or Busy
events { # The join and leave events during the conversation
participantType # Expert or Customer
id # The event ID
eventType # Join or Leave
timestamp # ISO 8601 datetime