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Device Groups

Device groups allow devices to be grouped by a set of filters. Groups are dynamic. New devices that meet the filter conditions will be added automatically to the group. Also, if a device's attributes change, it may be added or removed from a group.

Filter Syntax

Filters are a string that follows the FHIR search format. We currently support the following keys for searching.

_tagtag in the list of tags on the Device FHIR resource_tag=tag-system|tag-code
identifieridentifier in the list of identifiers on the Device FHIR resourceidentifier=tag-system|tag-code
manufacturermanufacturer field on the Device FHIR resourcemanufacturer=MyCompany
modelmodel field on the Device FHIR resourcemodel=device-model
patientpatient field on the Device FHIR resourcepatient=patient-id
statusstatus field on the Device FHIR resourcestatus=active
locationlocation on the Device FHIR resourcelocation=Location/example-location
organizationowner field on the Device FHIR resourceorganization=Organization/example-org

Combination Examples


Matches all devices that have manufacturer Company123 and model ModelABC.


Matches all devices that have both system-1|test-code-1 and system-2|test-code-2 tags.


Matches all devices that have either system-1|test-code-1 or system-2|test-code-2 tags.