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LifeOmic FHIR Service optionally supports versioning of FHIR Resources. Versioning is implicitly enabled when Audit Trails are enabled for your project.

Specific versions of a FHIR resource can be retrieved using the FHIR vread API.

Technical Constraints

LifeOmic FHIR Service uses a high-durability cost-efficient infrastructure to store versioned resources. This makes the vread API significantly slower than the other LifeOmic FHIR Service APIs. Therefore this API should not be used for tasks where low latency requests are needed.

Requests to the vread API typically take 5 seconds or longer. In the event of an HTTP 408 request timeout, you are encouraged to wait a short period of time, and retry the request. In some cases, such as when a version is more than 30 days old and has not been accessed recently, it may take up to a minute or more to successfully read the version from the LifeOmic FHIR Service API.