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Survey Service FAQ

This article answers common questions about the LifeOmic Platform Surveys feature. For more documentation, see Surveys.

What is LifeOmic Survey Service?

LifeOmic Survey Service is a fully-managed survey response collection platform with support for complex and dynamic question interactions, structured/coded data capture, version publishing, and a robust question library.

Surveys work seamlessly with LifeOmic FHIR Service and LifeOmic Consent Service (which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant).

What question types are supported?

See the Survey Response Types for more question types and their respective configuration properties.

How are Surveys stored and represented?

Surveys are represented as FHIR Questionnaires and results are FHIR QuestionnaireResponses.

What are Survey Adapters with respect to Survey Responses?

Survey Adapters allow for responses to be transformed into FHIR Observations stored on the survey participants subject record. These immediately become available for visualization and visible within the subject record.

Survey Adapters are created automatically when questions are inserted into a survey from the Question Library of pre-configured questions.


Transforms two questions asking for a subjects height in feet and inches and calculates the value in feet for the height of the subject

Record blood pressure from a systolic and diastolic measurement

Calculates BMI for a subject's weight and height in feet and inches

What notification options are available for survey participants?

Survey participants can be notified by email and by push notification through the mobile app.

What alert mechanism is supported when a survey response is collected?

Surveys may be configured with alerts based on the survey response collected. When the alert logic criteria matches the survey response, the system will send a notification to the configured email address.

Example: Email the patient's clinical team if a survey response for their pain is within the threshold of 7 - 10 (Pain Scale).

What scheduling options are available for sending out surveys and collecting responses?

Surveys may be configured and scheduled to be sent out daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. For more information, see Sending Surveys.

Scheduled surveys can send reminders to participants to encourage their response.

Scheduled surveys can expire previous response requests that have not been started when the schedule is sending out a new survey. This reduces the amount of unanswered surveys in the participants survey list.

Are there limitations on how large a survey can be?

There is a soft-limit of 350 kb for a survey configuration. This soft-limit size provides support for about ~350 questions of various question types with complex answer logic for survey participants to answer.

If this size becomes an issue, reach out to us to let us know your use-case.

What browsers are supported for survey participants?

The last two versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari are supported - including the mobile versions of Chrome and Safari.

Note: The release cadence for supported browsers may be found at their respective sites:

Chromium (Chrome and IE Edge) Firefox Safari

How do I export the survey data for my subjects?

If the reason to export data is to analyze the results, consider using the Survey Results interface for real-time results analysis.

A second option for analysis is using an interactive Notebook which allows a user to leverage their favorite visualization/graphing tools from Python, R, or Julia.

For exporting survey data into comma-separated values (CSV) format, one quick option is to use the LifeOmic CLI SURVEYS commands with the corresponding project and survey identifiers.

For example:

lo surveys export-responses <project identifier> <survey identifier>

Survey data may also be exported using the Survey API. With a valid Authentication token or an API key, the specific API to look at is GET /survey/projects/{projectId}/responses.